Friday, November 5, 2010

Because They Are Losers

Everyone loves a winner. I guess that explains why no one likes Canada.

For example, the last Canadian to win the CANADIAN Open was in 1954 by Pat Fletcher.

Sure, Golf probably isn't their strong suit. But Hockey? There is no excuse. It's against the law to not like Hockey there.

Okay, okay- they won gold in the 2010 Olympics, but it was held in fricken Vancouver. The Canadian team couldn't lose. If they did, their families would shun them and the crowd would infiltrate the ice and slit the players throats with their own skates. It was either win or die.

But, a gold medal does not compare to the Holy Grail. Ask any hockey player; they'll pick Lord Stanley any day.

And when was the last time a Canadian team captured a Stanley Cup? In 1993 by the Habs. That was 17 years ago.

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