Friday, December 3, 2010

According to Google

Sometimes when I'm having trouble trying to come up with ideas, I go to Google for help. So today, I looked to Google in hopes of finding inspiration. Clicking on the image results, I discovered my next post. Here are my favorite pictures that take a blow to Canada.

I don't like Coors, but this billboard rocks. People of Toronto are mean. It's like they're trying to mimic New York, but can't seem to find the magic our American city carries.

I don't think I have to further explain this one. It's like sending out mounties to defend a nation.

Speaking of mounties...


This one isn't even meant to be a joke. This is from the Ms. Universe pageant and the outfit Ms. Canada decided to wear. How is this supposed to express Canadian culture? And Canadians wonder why Americans make fun of them so much.

I think Mr. Canada here would have had a better chance at winning. They have no hope anyway, so might as well try to be funny. Then again, maybe that's why Ms. Canada wore that outfit.

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