Saturday, December 11, 2010

Shows that make fun of Canada

Believe me when I say, Ashley and I aren't the only ones that make fun of Canada. In fact, there are several TV shows that do the same.

For example, South Park. It went so far in the movie that- oh just watch.(Parental discretion advised)

According to my mom, late night show host Craig Ferguson quips at Canada from time to time.

Another is How I Met Your Mother. Robin is Canadian and her friends, especially Barney, constantly make fun of her for it. If you watch the show, you may remember that Canadians are afraid of the dark. 

Family Guy mocks Canada quite a bit. Here's a clip.

The Simpsons are another show that constantly make fun of Canada.

Chris Jericho from WWE on Nitro said Canada sucks- and he's CANADIAN!!!

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