Sunday, December 19, 2010

Urban Dictionary- the source of dumb

The biggest lead I had for this weak was that Ashley's car keys are made in Canada. My god, good luck to those driving around her. Someway, those keys are going to cause her car to spin out worse than a Nascar driver's and kill someone. And when the police are investigating this murder, they'll discover those car keys were made in Canada and the accident will have made sense.

Realizing this isn't much to go on, especially since she hasn't gotten into an accident... yet... I should write about something else. Unfortunately, I am suffering some major creativity blockage, so I'm just going to be unoriginal. As I was browsing, I found a post that basically took the words out of everyone's mouth. Aside from the numerous spelling mistakes, and terrible grammar, it's quite funny. 

Here's the inspiration:
Dear Jordan, 
Velcro was invented by a Swiss engineer in 1941 named George de Mestral, and it was widely used by NASA- not just little kids' shoes. As for zambonis, an Italian-AMERICAN man named Frank Zamboni. Penicillin was discovered by a Scottish scientist Alexander Fleming. The invention of the telephone is disputed. Insulin derived off of research from several scientists, who were European, but was concluded by a canadian. Amateur radio operators are credited with the discovery of long-distance communication on the shortwave bands. They are North American meaning BOTH Canada and America.

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