Thursday, May 26, 2011

What is a Canadian?

What is a Canadian?

Is it the pure rottenness of Quebec?
Or the weird accents of Nova Scotia?
The country is a hopeless wreck.
They should be inspected by a certified member of OSHA.

And who the hell would live in the Yukon?
All those silly Eskimos.
I'd rather drowned myself in the Huron,
then live with frost-bitten toes.

And being an Ottawa Senators fan,
well that's gotta be the worst.
There's no Stanley Cup in their game plan.
The team is clearly cursed.

A Canadian is an odd thing to be.
I have told no lie.
From the Beaufort to Labrador Sea,
The land is completely bone dry.


  1. LOL you definitley wrote this didnt you haha ur the best poet ever

  2. I did indeed. Thank you very much.