Saturday, July 2, 2011

Canada Day

So as we all (and by we all, I mean Canada) know that yesterday was Canada Day. For the vast majority of the world who don't know what Canada Day is (especially the many of you who could care less), it is the national day of Canada. It's supposedly observed world wide, but I think Canadians just tell themselves that to feel important.

Basically it was enacted in order to celebrate the British North American Act in which three british colonies joined together to form the (not really that) great north.

To celebrate, Canadians alike use the holiday as an excuse to join together and drink beer whilst playing street hockey- even though this occurrence happens just aboot everyday.

Although I'm sure many avid Canadian hockey fans stayed home watching the Friday Free Agent Signing Frenzy to see if Brad Richards (or anyone for that matter) would sign with the Leaf's. That's a solid no.

So to all Canadian's, I hope you're nursing your hang overs and hockey injuries well and I can't wait for Independence Day ( a holiday actually worth celebrating).


  1. Man, Canada, what a joke of a country...