Friday, August 5, 2011

I don't know if you know this by now, but I love to google things. Writing a Canadian blog, I google Canada quite a bit for more material. Today, in the midst of my google frenzy, I came upon the site While browsing, I noticed a few interesting things. So, I screen capped it and decided to point out these ridiculous features this site has to offer. I have annotated and highlighted the important components.

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Annotation 1 
We all know Canada is not a very sophisticated country. So there's no shocker that anything affiliated with the name (including this site) won't be advanced in the slightest. This includes the lack of smarts to interpret apostrophes which in turn displays the code (#8217) instead.

Annotation 2
Under the Most Popular tab, road kill in Minnesota is one of the top articles on the site. Of all things to look up, the country decides to be interested in road kill. And for the kicker: IT'S NOT EVEN IN CANADA!

Annotation 3
I can't even muster up a response for this. What is that? Is that a Canadian thing, or something? I'm pretty sure that's the worst headline to ever be created.

Annotation 4
In Hot Topics, Sean Avery- the worst hockey player in the NHL- is placed comfortably behind hurricanes and cyclones. Okay, so he was arrested, but still- it's Sean Avery. Maybe Tiger Woods' new girl friend is one of Avery's sloppy seconds and he decided to take his anger out by assaulting a police officer.

I know that pretty much anyone that can operate a computer, can create a website (or in my case, pointless blogs), but maybe Canada should be an exception to this phenomenon.

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