Monday, June 4, 2012

Oh you Canuck, you

Okay, so like I haven't updated this in forever. Mostly because I was kind of embarrassed by this blog. But someone commented on the first post ever, and like it just revived my desire to update this thing. So here's the comment:

Alrighty then. First, thanks for reading and commenting. Now to respond:

Oh you darling canuck, you. Stop acting so butt hurt and read the disclaimer at the bottom of the page: I LOVE CANADA! This is all just a joke. I friggen love the country and can't wait to visit it again. Yes I have been there and enjoyed the experience.

And I guarantee you, thousands of people have made top 100 lists about how much America sucks, some in which are written by real live Americans. We question the government all the time and not everyone in America is a redneck. In fact, not every American southerner is a redneck.

By the way, a good portion of your points are either contradicting, rude, fallacious, and/or overly generalized. For example, "Everything is so superficial, thanks to the media, and everyone is dumb enough to think they should look like that (except for all the fat pigs)." For one, the influence from the media doesn't solely exist within the states. In fact it blurs the boundary between almost all developed countries, and even those whom are considered third world. 

"You don't really give a s*** about the environment." Many Americans are deeply concerned for our planet. It's such a rare blessing to be put on this earth when we are surrounded by light years of empty space. To ruin this planet (not just by the fault of Americans but soooo many other countries as well) is an embarrassment. 

I won't stoop to your level and claim "You know nothing about anything..." because I simply do not know you nor had an enlightening conversation with you to make such a claim.

Lastly, and most importantly, at least what I write isn't serious. You are just a tactless simpleton.

America, out.